At Unit Process Group we specialise in designing and manufacturing parts to lower your energy consumption and boost your productivity.

Thickener Upgrade

It has been proven over and over that the performance of a thickener can be greatly improved by installing the correct feed well.

Attrition Machines

We combine the latest mixing technology with an optimised impeller design to make sure your attrition machine runs efficiently.


Our flotation rotors have improved pulp circulation, better solids suspension, and increased air dispersion.

Agitator & Mixing Technology

We design, manufacture and supply a complete range of agitators from pilot scale to full production size.

About UPG

A Unit Process is one or more operations grouped together to make up a complete plant.

We improve the performance of your production facilities by custom designing, manufacturing, and supplying more efficient and robust equipment.

We bring our latest technology and a high level of service to understand your production environment and identify its unique requirements – then we offer you our cost-effective solution.


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